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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
Another thought......

Has anyone tried mains strung much higher than the crosses in this frame? Say mains at 60 and crosses at 30, etc? The lower tension in the cross should decrease the force on the mains.....and perhaps reduce notching? Decreased friction between mains and crosses?

This seems like it might be a small step towards the banned spaghetti strings where there were almost no crosses and the mains in the middle were tied together?
Im going to try this (60 mains/30 crosses) just for yucks.......I am hoping the crosses will actually move a little bit so the mains wont "ride" the same spot on them over and over (which is what causes the notching). In the very least, it has to reduce the friction between the mains and the crosses as the crosses will be more deformed (i.e. not as straight) when crossing each main. I guess the question is...will it make enough of a difference.....
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