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Default Almost certainly not the last word on the pink

I liked Fed's day AO kit. Including the shoes. And I'd wear all of it, except for the fact that the shoes would cost me $130-ish USD for the shoes and half of everything else for the divorce that would result from my purchase of another pair of shoes.

But I'll say this: the ideas that people have--adding a different color tongue, or making a pink accent shoe that matched the day AO RF polo--proves to me that the Vapor ID program has WAY too few color choices and far too few customizable parts.

I'd love to ask a Nike manufacturing exec why the limited choices. The Kobe shoes have more choices (I didn't do the math but the permutations must be well over 100K more possibilities) and more expensive materials.

Perhaps if they did a better job of marketing tennis in the states, they'd sell more shoes.

And like someone said above in the thread, I'll get mine when they are on clearance.
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