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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
She's no different than Kuznetsova who is just as wildly inconsistent and who managed to win multiple Slams.
I disagree:

1. Kuznetsova in her first prime from 2004-2009 (I am hoping she is now entering her second prime, fingers crossed, hence why I said that), was very consistent, regularly reaching quarters or atleast round of 16s of slams, reaching tournament finals, mantaining a high ranking usually in atleast the top 10. She was just usually either outplayed or couldnt quite step up mentally or in execution in given matches, but she was not inconsistent.

2. Kuznetsova has a multi faceted game with different dimensions and options she can go to. While she might be known as primarily a power player she is by no means just a power player. Na Li is pretty much just a power player, and has nowhere to go when her main game is failing her.

3. Kuznetsova still had the mental strength to step up for given matches as her 4 slam semis and 2 slam final wins prove. Na is still quite weak mentally and so only wins when her main game is somewhat on.
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