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Originally Posted by Lilguy1456 View Post
Excellent post. I string all my sticks up with Cyclone 17 @52, so that's what I did with my 99S. I haven't hit with it yet (again, weather). Do you think that setup will work? As for restringing after 4 - 6 hours, that's just simply not an option for me. Frankly, I wonder if anyone who actually does that holds a job, has a wife/kids, or anything else to do other than restring their sticks. Seems obsurd to me.

Anyway, I'll post after I hit with an update...
It just depends on your ability. If you're a decent 4.0 I don't think the 17g will last real long for you. Maybe 25% less than what you're getting now. What kind of stick do you currently have? I would definitely look at using a thicker gauge string. Cyclone 16g at about 54-55lbs may be a good option. You can string it tighter because of the open string pattern. I normally use 17g poly at 55lbs and I'm string 4G 16g at 58lbs in my Steams and its working well.

If you know what the racquet is designed to do then you should be able to match a good string based on the racquets attributes and your abilities.
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