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Originally Posted by couch View Post
Yeah, I hear you. We need to find a good, cheaper, alternative to 4G. The BC 15L broke on me tonight after about 2 hours of hitting. There needs to be a 15/15L poly that is durable out there that would be a nice cheaper alternative.

I wonder if string companies will start coming out with thicker polys for sticks like this. Sounds like Prince is coming out with a similar racquet and I bet others will follow. These racquets will not be successful if you can't find a string cheap enough or durable enough to make it worth your time and money.
Possible current option may be Golden Set Power Cord? On their site they claim " similar to Luxilon 4g" and it's $77.22 a reel.

I also think there will be a bunch of 15 (maybe 14?) gauge strings coming out soon......
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