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I just don't know why a few players who don't do it don't start doing major, excessive whails whenever they hit the ball as if to take the mickey out of their opponent.
Tarango did that vs Muster at the '97 French. Muster didn't shake his hand afterward.

Either that or, what happens if - after every single point - someone like Radwanska walks up to the umpire and complains? I mean EVERY single point - claiming that it distracts her own play. Surely it would make enough of a scene that it would attract tons of attention from the media - the likes of which the tour doesn't want
Navratilova & Tauziat both complained about Seles' grunts to the umpire at '92 Wimbledon which attracted tons of attention from the media. Nothing really came of it after the tournament. Funny that this is still an issue 20 years later.
Capriati also complained about Seles' grunt at a tourney in '01 or '02.
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