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Alright folks, graphite is made up of many layers of graphene but not in the meaning that Graphene refers to. The makeup of Graphene is of a specific, as close to pristine graphite as we can generate, 2D layer of graphite. Graphite or carbon as we think of it in tennis racquets does not share the remarkable qualities associated with Graphene such as it's coming use in electronics such as touchscreens and photovoltaic applications. It's possible that there's differences in manufacturing design parameters (things like wall thickness variances in new spots, new molds, etc.) but I wouldn't be surprised if the new "Graphene" racquets that Head is making are little more than rebadged racquets of their previous line.

For example, I just used the Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 (18x20) for the first time earlier today. I haven't really noticed anything different from my M-Fil 200 (18x20).
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