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Kills me how because she grunts or whatever, their is so much hate to the point of supporting a female LA in the sport of tennis. I think the ESPN commentating said it all, she is better mover at 31? 32? than Vica, and than she ever was, and funny she don't look as fit as Nav did in her early 30's (she about wrote the book on it) and she clearly was showing signs of slowing down at that point in age. Hmmm makes you wonder doesn't it, not just about Li, but about anyone that would support her, throw in her slip comment about her Russian or was it a German "Nutritionist".

To the origianal point, yes she does deserve all the credit, she even payed for the possible exaggerated MTO dealing with 2 and the 10 min fireworks on her serve in the 3rd...
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