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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
I guess me and the OP may be the Rodney Dangerfields of the board!

I don't see anything wrong with playing a sport, any sport, as a means to fitness. Not everyone is playing a sport, dare I say hardly anyone at all, for anything other than some form of recreation.

Of course, those who make their living playing professionally would be the exception. All others....are playing for "fun". Fun is in quotes to allow for different definitions of that word.
I have to disagree on that statement particularly because of the word usage of " All others" and "hardly anyone".

In my opinion, tennis is played for:

- Recreation (like you said)
- Social status/activity
- Competitively/professionally

When I'm playing, I don't think about fitness because I know that I'm engaging in demanding physical activity. I also play competitively, so you most likely won't see me on the recreational courts unless if I'm playing a match with someone or doing volunteer work.

But in terms of fitness for the original poster? The most simple form of it is just to put on some running shoes and run a couple of kilometers in a public park a few hours a week. Better to save your money (for buying a racquet and other accessories) and your (and someone else's) time.
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