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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
It's not a pseudo-argument.

When are you going to accept that a man who loses FIVE times in the final of the world's biggest tournament, when he was dominating and winning majors elsewhere, cannot possibly be GOAT?

It's like saying a football (soccer) team can be the greatest of all time when they keep losing World Cup finals. Or a baseball team keep losing the World Series final. Or an athlete keep winning all other races but then keep getting silver in the Olympic final.
It is very much a pseudo-argument, assuming a pseudo-argument is one that doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Your analogies are poor. Unlike Wimbledon, none of these stages were devalued by a pro/amateur split, in which certain players were banned from participating.

So either you are engaging in bad argumentation on purpose or out of ignorance.
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