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Default Can someone recommend strings?

I'm switching racquets and need to choose strings. The problem is the shop has about 20 different types and trying to understand it all is mind-numbing. I was hoping the experts on TW could help.

The number one factor for me is durability. I play frequently and for long periods and I can end up breaking strings once a fortnight. I don't have the time or commitment to play seriously, so performance isn't a huge deal for me.

In the past, I used a fairly light racquet with strings that were strung tight (60-70lbs, I think). Because I play with a western grip, I would have a bit of wrist pain when I started playing, which is something I'd rather avoid this time around. My racquet this time is substantially heavier (20g heavier), which should offset this.

I mainly play baseline, with quite a lot of spin.

Thanks for any comments and help.
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