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Default Got a new stick that needs restring, ASAP!

Thanks chicago Jack, for all the great info!
That epson salt soak sounds like a low-buck solution, that I like!
The pain and tingling is now lessoning, but I will be takingit easy for a long time, I know.
After a great buy, from a Eb Ay Superseller, that helped out the kids I coach, by donating EXTRA racquets, after Ibasically STOLE 2 Prince 118" size racquets from him! Such a great guy, let the Prince Air Light 118" and a Prince O3 Speedport 118" go for a $5'er each and while the Air-Light's Prince B&W poly was almost new, the O3's Babolat RPM Blast has notchs SO deep in some places, they are over 50% gone!
Tommorow I will go hit the courts with a new partner, that is as rusty as I am and plays on his feet. His only hindrence may be his weight, at close to 300lbs. and he's 6' tall, so he may just surprise me. Or die trying...NOOOOOOOOOO!
HAH, just had to joke it a bit.
I leaded up BOTH sticks to mid 11 oz. 321 gms, ea. and have hit the wall with the light, just ...uh..'lightly', and it feels wonderful! The perfect thing to coach with, as it is big enough to sheild me from errant shots!
Looks like I'm admitting to myself, my age and power level..finally!
I've got much of the vibration levels under controll with my own designed vibration dampers, with a couple of Prince one's, also.
The hand pain is now just in a couple of middle fingers and a tingle in my thumb, reminding me to quit typing and ice it up, now.

Time for the AUSSIE MEN'S FINAL!
Go Djokster, GO!...but

Top-End T-3 w-chair STOLEN | Gamma RZR98M & Accura 25 older P-K Comp Destiny 265

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