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This was in NO WAY caused by my stringers knowledge, or lack of. He is a VERY knowledgeable professional. I have done this TO MYSELF, by over doing it, my fist time back on a tennis court, serving balls and over-pronating my wrist, hitting too hard, with too light equipment.
Looking closely at the racquets I have that are strung with poly and syngut, hybrid by him, they have more life left in them than a recent purchase I made, if you read above.
I will be doing my restrings now with either the hybrid we have used or a total-soft setup that I will use the majority of the time, when I coach kids the game.
I just needed to clear that up, but thanks for adding the warning for those who may NOT have a trustworthy stringer.
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I agree with everything here. Well said and great advice. If only every stringer out there knew about this phenomenon, we'd have a lot less wrist and elbow overuse injuries out there.
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