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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Man...what? This list is fail.

Sampras - won the US Open in 1990, didnt make the final of AO in 1991
Courier - won the FO in 1991, didnt make the final of Wimbledon that year
Laver - won the French in 1968 (and also won majors before)
Wilander - won the French in 1982, no Wimbledon final that year
McEnroe - won the US Open in 1979, no AO or FO final in 1980
Kodes - won the French in 1970, didnt reach another major final for a year (when he won the french again in 71)
vilas - won the french in 1977, no wimbledon final

Man it's not even close. Where did you get this list from?

Double checked - you didn't get 1 single name right, lol.
Rod Laver did not win the 1968 French Open, Ken Rosewall beat him in the final. Laver's first major in the open era was 1968 Wimbledon. Laver then lost in the R16 of the 1968 US Open to Cliff Drysdale.

By the way guys, in 1977, there were 2 Australian Opens (one in January and one in December). From 1978 to 1985, the French Open was the first major of the year and the Australian Open was the last major of the year. So, the next major after McEnroe winning the 1979 US Open, was the 1979 Australian Open (won by Vilas for the second year in a row).

There was no Australian Open in 1986, and it was first held in its current mid-late January slot in 1987.

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