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Default Focus on Doubles?

I would appreciate your opinions on this one...

One of my players, age 11, has good hand eye coordination, potential to become a great server, very fluid service motion already and is willing to practise serve for hours, mentally strong and focused at practise and practise matches (no tournaments yet), likes to practise hard also offcourt, has good anticipation skills, understand the game naturally and, likes to volley. BUT never hasn't got the fastest legs and no matterwhat propably will not.

Watching AO and I'm pretty sure he's never gonna reach the level those guys are retrieving.

So just let things unfold naturally or...What about selling him an idea to become a top doubles player?

Is it realistic to think that with only moderate movement (well he can move alright but I'm comparing him the very top his age now) he still would have a good chance to compete at the very top on doubles?
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