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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post

Any chance for some pics? Had any Rdc specs?

I get a giggle from the flex point and liquid metal paint job attempts
Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Thanks for the reply, Ace. So do you have any idea how exactly RPNY plays into the mix? I know they are AA's customizer, and are the ones who actually (form and) apply his custom grip. Are they the ones who actually perform the paint job as well, or is this directly from Head? Perhaps I'm being naive, but in a way it appears easier for RPNY to acquire some old PT260 OS in sufficiently good condition and repaint them than for Head to break out the old mold, composition, etc. Then again, for their marquee star of the era, anything could be possible.
Thanks again.
Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Thanks again, VS. If I may impose for another question, do you believe the "A.A" is applied by Heard or RPNY?
Like vsbabolat said, RPNY is strictly dedicated to customization of the racquet only and have nothing to do with the paintjob. In Agassi's case, Head still makes them for him and simply paintjobs them to whatever the current model is out as well as put the "A.A." on there. I'm sure Andre gets a new batch every year to this day. I think he's been using the IG Radical OS paintjob in recent Powershares Series events. Paintjobs are aways done on the manufacturer side of things and racquet customizers like RPNY simply customize the racquets to specific specs.

Here's pics of the FXP Paintjob AA Radical OS I have... I don't have any specs on it other than it weighs 360 grams and I consider the grip to be blocky feeling, not round like a Prince grip, but not rectangle like a stock Head either (I'm sure RPNY does a urethane mold on the bare hairpin of the frame for Andre)...

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