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Originally Posted by Doubles View Post
Great pic, Dino.

Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Dino, have to ask - you have such a large, varied and comprehensive collection - which frame is your favorite?
My favorite? That's a very hard question, and I don't think I could pick just one (on the other hand the one I have used the most for the last year or so is the Head Radical Tour 630 ( 1998 ). So here's my top-12, in no particular order :

Rossignol FGC
Puma Davis Cup (From the Super mold)
Fischer Vacuum Elliptic Pro
Head PT630
Head PC600
Head Radical Tour 630 ( 1998 )
Yonex Super-RD Tour 90
Yonex RD-7
Donnay Pro Ceramic
Donnay Pro International
Dunlop Max400i
Völkl C10 Comp Mid

These are based from a playing point of view, but there are of course many others that are special to me like a couple of pro stocks.
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