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Originally Posted by skuludo View Post
I've played with Head and Wilson, and the dead hoop issue was tolerable on both for me. On the Yonex RD Ti-70 mid, it was just like a wooden racket in terms of the loss in pace if I hit the 12 o' clock position.

I've never used the 330g 97t before. The 310g version felt more demanding than the 89t, which was strange.
Interesting, it must have been string tension, but if you dont have a fast swing it might be difficult to use and the vcore 98 xi will have plenty of power, but a lot of fire power. 97 310 had a Jr on AO semi using it i forgot his name, excellent player.

330 is definitely more demanding and it takes a strong player with great technique to use it.
Yonex VCore Tour 89 for HC/ Yonex 97 Tour for Clay. Jr coach.
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