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Originally Posted by aimr75 View Post
You took that pic in December or they are the frames you acquired only in December? If it the latter, you've certainly come to the right place
Originally Posted by JGads View Post
There are 31 days in December. You only got 28 frames? Amateur. I kid. What are the blacked out looking frames towards the middle?
Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
^Yes indeed dino!!! 2 rdx500s in great condition there. Spectacular. **ahem~, december collection.
Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Thank you for supplying that background information. I'm pleased to inform you that the board (please see klem, myself, PP and Gads photographed above) has decided to accept your membership application. Welcome aboard. However, just to give you a proper measure of what is expected, as an example, I'd like to point out that your haul of 28 frames in one calendar month is in fact the very same number JackB acquired in just the very first week of January. We do have certain standards that we like to see maintained.
Thanks! I feel honored to be part of your terrific group of people. I'll do what I can to maintain your standards, but I must remind you that I'm a binge racquetaholic, diagnosed with "heavy episodic racquet acquisition-syndrome". So sometimes I'll lead my life as a regular law-abiding, tax-paying citizen, and then every so often I change into this racquet reaping creature you all know, recognize and sympathize with.

In conclusion, I feel like I have finally come home. Thank you!
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