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Originally Posted by Cosmic_Colin View Post
How is rally rally rally UFE a higher level?

Federer (and to a lesser extent Nadal) had natural talent. Djokovic, with his endurance-based game will never be able to produce the same level of tennis. Better athleticism, but not Tennis.
I don't know what people are complaining about. Nadal at his best did the same thing Djokovic and Murray did. Did people forget that Nadal involved Djokovic in the biggest slugfest in the history of mankind last year? Why criticize Djokovic and Murray hitting back and forth, when Nadal fits beautifully in that group.

Fedal matches were not consistent when it came to quality either. A lot of them were bovine excrement... Federer shanking everything, Nadal hitting forehands to Federer's backhand over and over ...
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