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League File (HTML Link)

Updated Rankings & Race:

  • Congrats to bezs for winning the 2013 PPL Australian Open! After a quiet 2012, bezs was finally able to add to his Shanghai 2011 and WTF 2010 PPL wins. Congrats to joeri888, who successfully defended his finish from last year, and saloni as well for finishing second and third!
  • In the overall rankings, we have a new overall #1. Edging robin7 out by just four points is dcdoorknob. Congrats, dc! Other changes include TopDawg jumping to fourth, joeri to fifth, seffina to eighth, and stringertom to ninth while 24*7 Tennis dropped to sixth, Locotus to seventh, and jamesblakefan#1 to tenth.
  • The race is led by bezs, joeri, and dcdoorknob respectively. More details as more tournaments pass.
  • If you'd like to see where you rank in the overall or race rankings, please click on the link for the League File above!
  • Thank you to Jay, TopDawg, and seffi for their help throughout this fortnight. As always, it's much appreciated.
  • Thank you to everybody for participating. This was one of the larger PPL turnouts and we hope you all return in just under a month for the combined Acapulco/Dubai combined event. Until then, be well!

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