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Originally Posted by President View Post
It's hard to put into words but Nadal just has a charisma that these two do not even come close to matching. That plus he has a pretty unique style of play that stands out, Djokovic and Murray are fairly generic players. His defensive style is a lot more entertaining than these two .
I disagree. Djokovic has a very signature style. He has the huge windup western forehand, the massive 2 handed backhand with extreme torso rotation, and nobody else moves like him or incorporates flexibility in their game like Djokovic does.

Nadal has been out for a while and Djokovic has been number 1 for like 2 years now, so I expect people to be sympathetic towards Nadal, but I still remember in 2011 when people on this forum thought Djokovic was a breath of fresh air and Nadal was a plague upon tennis.
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