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Originally Posted by eks-mat View Post
Thanks for the info all.

I don't wanna get into a huge thing but I do want to defend myself. First I was thinking recommended tension could have a minimum for another reason than playability.

Secondly, from a physics point of view, circles and spheres can become stronger under pressure. So that was my reason for asking if the minimum tension recommendation gave the racket a inward pressure which strengthened it.
Valid point.

My guess is that there is still similar stress placed on all around the racquet at ball impact, so the stresses are similar.

Add that to the fact that people have been stringing in the 30s for a while and it doesn't seem to cause problems.

I think the racquet mfgers often put 50-60 as a range as this is the historical range for optimal performance. We're likely to see the low number decrease as polys and low tensions become more mainstream.
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