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Originally Posted by sdont View Post
Congrats to rainingaces for the singles title, and to jbf and boredone for the doubles title.

On a side note, I've been wondering: could I have changed my partner's pick for the final? It would have given us a chance to win I think.
Thanks, close call only 1 point between us.

Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
Congratz to my partner Rainingaces on a tight win over Saloni, and Topdawg.

Figures you would win here with your best performances coming here.

Nice job by JBF and Boredone on a good partnership towards their 2nd slam title? Congratz to Sdont and Woodrow in the finals run.

Thanks Seffina, Jaychu, NYKings for running this event smoothly.
One better then the time i was runner up to you here, I am thinking maybe im a hardcourt specialist., we will get em in the dubs next time around . Well done everyone who took part and organized this prediction league look forward to playing in the rest of them in 2013.

Congrats JBF and boderone on winning the doubles title.
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