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Originally Posted by taxon View Post
Jezus what boring final! Endless rally's. God what do i miss Fedal!!

I hope Federer and Nadal keep playing for ten more years, if not, tennis is dead!!
I agree that their styles are similar and not as interesting as Fed vs Nadal but they're also both in great shape. Their speed, fitness, and reach means that shots that might have been winners against other players means the ball's coming back again.

For example, both had great DTL shots that would have been winners or extreme pressure shots against most players but in light of their fitness/speed/reach they were able to return the shots with reasonable pace, depth, and accuracy to keep the point competitive. It's that old saying, "What do you have to do to hit a winner against these guys?"

A key problem is the TV presentation. On TV it looks like boring, safe, slow paced, ping pong. In person it's extremely fast and fierce.
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