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hit more balls to the weaker player. just like in regular doubles.

Originally Posted by Jakes On A Plane View Post
I play mixed regularly and am captaining an 8.0 team for a 3rd year now. This is the first year where I have had more than one guy who hasn't played mixed at all. They both are high level 4.0's, half-competent 4.5's. They love pace, good serves, good net play, good off both wings at the baseline.

They keep asking me for pointers. I've told them they may want to try lobbing a bit more; get used to slower-paced balls from the women; don't shy away from the woman, even at the net (just don't blatantly go after her!).

I could definitely use a few more if you folks got some. I would love to hear some from the women's perspective (especially some 4.0's).

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