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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Kaiser you bring up great points. Only way I can tell is over time. I will say that I have 2 Blades strung the same at the same tension. One is stock and one is 355 grams, Sw of 343. Basically a very nice weighting that is not overkill.

I think the only way to find ideal weighting is to start with a lighter stick with a decent SW and play with it for a while until it just gets to where you know the racquet and have an established string setup and tension.

there are a ton of advantages to heavy sticks, but if I am late or fatigued, they are not available to me.

Also, I have to factor in the hot summers here.

One thing I do notice is that with lighter sticks, I have to swing harder. It drains me of energy faster. With the heavier stick I can swing more relaxed and still hit a deep ball. The challenge is to maintain good head speed to keep the ball in the lines.

We shall see how it goes.
Having seen a vid of you hitting, I don't doubt that you have the strength and the strokes to benefit from a high SW. I think the biggest challenge is in the footwork, one has to be in position and prepared early in order to involve one's core properly in one's strokes.

Personally, when on court I've never felt my Tours to be too heavy for me, it's only when I'm on this forum (which is far too often these days...) that I start wondering that they may be limiting me. Indeed, I've discussed this with three different coaches I worked with over the past year, and none thought my rackets were too heavy for me. Yes, perhaps a lighter stick might help me in tight situations, but I'm a big guy (1m96, 97 kg) with long strokes, so the consensus was I need a heavier racket.
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