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Yeah the sport does miss Rafa, and in particular the Fed-Rafa rivalry. No other rivalry matches it, I know people say the 2012 AO final was one of the greatest matches ever, but the last truly great final of the AO was 2009. Both Djokovic and Murray grind too much, even though Rafa is something of a grinder, his style is truly unique and it's usually pretty exciting to watch him play.

Agreed about Tsonga, it's a shame he just doesn't have that extra gear/dimension to take out more than one of the top four at a grand slam.

I think part of what ruined the excitement of this year's AO was that it unfolded way too predictably, with nobody really mounting a serious challenge against Novak. A Novak-Tsonga final (repeat of 2008 ) would have been amazing, but Tsonga stuck to the script and folded in the fifth against Fed, and Fed did likewise against Murray. And then Murray was underwhelming in the final, getting distracted by small issues like feathers n shi t, and Novak ends up breezing through. Ferrer hasn't got enough weapons to defeat Novak and Berdych too inconsistent.

Ah well, Fedal days are probably over now, we're just left with Nostalgia for 2008/09 I'm afraid
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