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Originally Posted by Devilito View Post
Chang was a better, more complete version of Ferrer. There is nothing Ferrer does better than Chang. End of story
ferrer has a lot more power than chang.

ferrer can easily hit with all those 6"5 100 mph FH hitters like berdych, DP, Tsonga, söderling and so on (he is not as powerfull as them of course but he is not getting chased around by them).

there were simply no 6"5 monster hitters like DP or söderling around in the 90s. do you think chang could have hung with those big hitters as well as ferrer does? even guys like almagro or wawrinka hit way harder than anyone in the 90s did.

I don't want to glorify ferrer too much as he has clear limits in his game but we just have to acknowledge that this era with guys like federer, nadal and nole is tougher than any era in history.

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