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Originally Posted by BabblingPsychopath View Post
How humiliating. Double bageled in 48 minutes, including a 15 minute warmup.

My partner and I maybe scored 10 points. It seemed every ball the other team hit was a winner.

How long will the feeling that I never want to play again last?
Sorry to hear that. I had no idea. I double bageled some guys last summer but didn't know it was hurting them that much. I was on my game and my partner was better player than me too and he was on his game too after a bit of nervous start. Maybe I will make sure I give them couple of games next time.
but don't feel bad cause it really isn't you. This can happen if player or players gets on a roll and is in the Zone. Just get out there and play more matches and win a match or two then you will forget all about this one.
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