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[QUOTE=raphMODE;7171315]Bought Vapor 9 "Flames"
I couldn't try them in store before ordering (no tennis shop where I live) so I ordered size 11 as I do for the 2k11 :
It was a bit too tight on the forefoot... so I sent them back (at TWE) and asked a replacement in size 11.5 (size 12 isn't available anymore).

Here are some pics I took before sending back.
They are just BEAUTIFUL !!!!

I had the same experience with THIS colorway, 11.5 fits. But 11 fits in the Aussie anthracite/pink. Same for the French Open SL color, 11 fits. But, in the white/ volt/black mesh versions, I need 11.5..........Nikes lack of consistent manufacture of sizing drives me crazy!!
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