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I have been looking too.

It comes down to

1. your budget range;
2. what would make you happy;
3. features, practicality;

My sugestion is to take your time, hopefully you can try one or two stringing job before deciding one.

In my case, I used a ATS SS II, and Neos 1000, see a 6004 in the club I go. I really like the Neos 1000! It is easy to use. Everything is GOOD! However, the quality from ATS SS II is not inferior at all. Yes, it may take a minute or two extra time to mount the racquet. The lever may not be perfectly level everytime. The price difference is nearly $900.

The next thing you should consider is ... how often you would use the machine. Using it once or twice per month (home user) is very different from once or twice a week situation.

At the end, I would say no rush, take the time and listen, try it if possible.

Good luck!
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