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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
I agree. His movement slowed considerably after he had his foot bandaged at the end of the 2nd set. It was clearly hampering him.

Still, Djokovic plays gruelling back to back 5 set matches and comes through (see 2012 AO semi and final) so clearly his fitness is superior to Murray's and everybody else on the tour.
I don't think it was the blisters, They hurt afterwards when you get water in them, the skin is soft & raw. When you are playing you can literally step on the pain, it doesn't pull like an injury & looks worse than it is.

What really hurts is knowing you blew your chance & didn't bring Novak into the 5th. Andy had chances to hurt him & prove he is the fittest player.
He worked very hard offseason(not saying Novak didn't) & will be really angry at the lost opportunity.

That will hurt a lot more than any blisters on his feet.
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