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Sure, Fed winning both 5 Wimbledons and 5 USOs in a row is one of the most impressive feats in his career for me, It's very hard to dominate a slam year after year.
Federers 5 U.S Open wins I concede is amazing, especialy as these days the mens field mostly focuses on hard courts. His 5 Wimbledons also is but here I am more impressed with Borg the clay courter winning 5 in a row there vs a deeper grass field on true grass, and Sampras winning 7 of 8 there vs a much deeper grass field on true grass.

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I agree that's phenomenal.

On the other hand, people like NadalAgassi will make this argument for why Federer is not the best Australian Open player but then use the opposite argument to prove why Sampras, for example, is better than Federer at the U.S. Open. "Only ****s" indeed.
Nice try but I dont say Sampras is the best ever at the U.S Open. I have said IMO his pure level of play is the best ever on any medium to fast court, but that is different than saying he is the greatest. One could say Safins best tennis is the best ever on slow Australian hard courts (already proved it was better than Federers by beating Federers very best at the 2005 Aussie) but that doesnt mean he is close to the best ever there. I picked Connors as the Open Era best ever at the U.S Open since he won it on grass, clay, and hard courts, an incredible feat, and winning it once and reaching 3 straight finals in its only three years on clay, by far his worst surface, was a particularly amazing feat. However all time best ever at the U.S Open is probably Bill Tilden, with his 7 titles.

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