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I rank him below Edberg, Becker, Wilander mostly because I am not putting as much stock anymore in this homogenous surface crap. What guys like Lendl and Mac did to even get to finals on their worst surface was impressive. Borg's impressive three time french-wimby double was unheard of. When McEnroe made that French Open final, the world was shocked, McEnroe was playing the highest level of tennis from him anyone had ever seen, had he won that French Open given his game and play style and that surface it would have been impressive. Lendl had to reinvent himself and did so to attempt to complete his box set to win Wimbledon. He sacrificed French Open wins just to get that wimbledon. Today you can win all 4 majors playing the same play style. He's right behind Becker on my list, Wilander, Edberg, Becker then Djokovic.
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