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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
I never understood people who say this. Do you guys really cut out your strings after playing a few times? I can definitely notice the difference going from a used racket to a freshly strung one, but the change is gradual and doesn't hugely effect my play. I can't see how people can justify cutting out strings every week, seems pretty expensive.
Poly changes characteristics after time. This is not an opinion, its a fact published in numerous papers. Specifically, it becomes less elastic and more stiff over time. Ie, it feels "board like". Each poly takes a different amount of time.

You may still be able to "play" with dead poly, and it might not bother you. For those that have arm issues and/or want the originally playability, you MUST cut it out when it goes dead.

Poly is cheap in reels. If you are buying poly because it "lasts a ling time" you are fooling yourself, unless you want to play with dead poly.

As you progress in swing speed it eventually becomes a moot point as you'll snap it as it goes dead, assuming you are matching your gauge correctly.
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