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I've never, ever seen a player win the first set in a best of three and look as catatonic as Li Na. And this was before she banged her head. It was as though she as heading to the executioner, AND SHE WAS ONE SET AWAY from the title. I'm mean, how about a first pump, a little positive energy. It was if she had absolutely no belief that she could win.
Azarenka had wait it out--meaning wait for Li Na to finish throwing everything at her (with no order); once that passed, Li Na had no answers for a woman Na expected to stand on the baseline, and avoid using the rest of the court. Li Na's coach probably filled her head with the idea that his methods were above the coaching/player skill of others, but that's never worked in the past, and it did not with Li Na.

Azarena has more in her toolbox. More in the toolbox means more options to pick apart the opponent's strategy.

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