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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
People overestimate the fragility of the egos of these guys. How many slam finals did Lendl lose before he won a boatload of them? How far did guys like Agassi and Sampras slip down the ladder before climbing back to the top? You don't get as far as Djokovic has gotten by having an ego made of delicate crystal.
Very true. These guys are not one slam wonders. For Novak it would not matter much because of his streaks before like 40- 0 in 2011, 3 majors in 2011, and 2 consecutive years of dominance in a tight field.

I think today's match was very bad for Murray. If Murray had won, it would have given him enormous confidence for wimbledon and USO. He would have had a genuine chance for No.1 . Now I am not sure. The season is long, so he may come back in confidence for USO.

Also he folded up quickly after 2 sets. Not a tough fight. So his next major vs Djokovic, espescially if it is at USO, he is likely to be low on confidence.
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