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And stop jumping to conclusions, Djokovic's prime will probably be 2007-2014 just like every other player in history has an 8-year prime period like Federer in 2003-2010, Nadal in 2005-2012, Sampras in 1993-2000 etc.
So now Federers prime lasted until 2010. I have NEVER heard you or other Federer fans say this before. The future cannot be told yet, but I also would be surprised if Djokovic starts a major decline only 1 year from now. Does he look even close to slowing or breaking at this point? Meanwhile even if he did he and Murray especialy would still be in the top 3 or 4 and fighting for all the big titles until 2016 atleast, as there is nobody coming up that would get there until 2016 or 2017 atleast, people like Raonic and Tomic are too weak and so one has to look at generations younger than them who are still in juniors. Djokovic could decline technically and in speed and reflexes, and he would still probably be a better player than he was even in late 2007-2008 (let alone 2009/2010) based on mental toughness and fitness alone. That period his mental toughness and fitness was so far removed from what it is now, and that was really the only thing holding him back, and the huge difference in him as a player in general. Back then despite being top 3 he was largely known as a major headcase and a soft egg when it came to lasting in tough matches and tough conditions.

The main point though is until Indian Wells nobody thought of Djokovic as a top player. At the time of the 2007 Australian Open he was still a total nobody. One only has to compare that match to their matches in summer 2007 to see how much Djokovic had already improved by then, despite it bein g the same year.

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