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OK, you need to establish a more stable body position and a more consistent ball toss atop your head. As is, it's wandering, both.
Then you need to establish a faster swing speed, controlled and exactly the same speed every time. You can do this by shadow swinging and listening to the sound of your racket thru the air.
Then, you have to aim 3' above the net cord, since you hit so slow, the ball will arc IN with gravity and spin.
Now, your swing is a combination of kick and top/slice, but neither one or the other. A top/slice swing makes the ball go from right to left. A kick swing will impart topspin, or forward spin, so the ball hops upwards. A twist swing is swung outwards toward your right, around the service line/sideline intersect, so the ball curves right to left, then bounces left to right.
Right now, you're doing neither, but a little of it all.
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