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Originally Posted by Hodgey20 View Post
If he can take care of business in the next 3 or 4 years and stay competitive and steal a few in his 30's (he is 25 now) he will have a chance to come close to fed, maybe even pass him. That would be tough but there is really no threat (for now) younger than him. I think it will be him and murray going toe to toe for a while, maybe delpo will get in the mix too.
I disagree strongly. A LOT of things can change very quickly. Djokovic has struggled in Slams against lower ranked players like Tsonga, Seppi, Wawrinka, etc. He's been taken out by Federer and Murray. If he draws guys like Tsonga and Federer back to back in a Slam, there's no guarantee he'll make it past the both of them. If he draws guys like Del Potro and Wawrinka at RG, guarantees. And then there's the Nadal factor and Murray who is also getting dangerously close to all of the top guys in Slams. Murray isn't yet physically tough enough to go through 2 of the top guys in consecutive matches but he'll build up to it. For all we know, Murray could dump Djokovic out if they meet in the semifinals of Wimbledon or the USO.
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