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Default was dumb. Was at a team building event doing K1 go kart racing. In the middle of a really tight turn with my shoulder fully loaded, another kart crashed into me really hard and pushed my shoulder in a direction it didn't want to go. Tore the labrum. And was pretty sure I tore the labrum. Weird thing was, I could still play tennis without pain except for serving, had to serve side handed but other than that could play full out. So I pursued the surgical side of things, getting the MRI, etc..., but kept playing because I knew surgery was coming. Then the last day I played, I was at the net and had to reach out and behind me for a backhand volley and when I made the shot I heard something in my shoulder pop, and my shoulder pain escalated dramatically. At that point I knew I was really screwed. What we think happened was the initial accident tore the labrum, which then created some instability in the joint. Then the tennis shot rotated the humerus into a weird angle and it lost positional integrity because of the labral tear, and I knocked a big piece of cartilage off the head of the humerus.

Had surgery in July to fix the labral tear and that's when they found the cartilage defect. Said it was weird, my shoulder looked like a 30 year old shoulder (i'm 51) except for the damaged stuff. Rotator cuff, glenoid, all looked great. So she repaired the labrum and smoothed out the cartilage as best she could, but predicted it would become an issue and it did. So in December we did something called 'hemi cap', basically a humeral head resurfacing. Hope to be back on the court in march doing light hitting. the Alexander technique, I know it at a very passing depth. My view of it is very positive and I've had a number of clients who have used both to good effect.
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