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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
It would be a surprise if he doesnt win atleast 2 more Australians (quite possibly more), probably atleast 2 French Opens (even if Nadal somehow recovers enough to win another 2, that leaves 2 for Djokovic until the end of 2016, which is the earliest one could see another winner there), and probably atleast 1 more U.S Open. That already takes him to 11. That is the minimum he is going to win IMHO. It wouldnt even take dominance, that is only 5 of the next 15 or so slams, which is far removed from dominance, and way below his recent ratio of 5 of the last 9, and this is all before he even turns 29 still. Arent you the one who predicted before last year that you couldnt see Serena ever getting past even 14 slams too.
He hasn't even won a single RG yet and you're talking about him winning 2 French Opens. He was lucky to even make the final last year.
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