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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
So if Djokovic had won that match would that have been dismissed as 'wind aided'? You have to play in whatever conditions you find. You think Djokovic, Federer and Nadal won all their Slams in 'ideal' weather conditions?

Well, he beefed up his game nicely to beat Fed in the semis and he wasn't that far off against Djokovic in today's final. He dominated the first 2 sets of that match. His level fell off after the 2nd set, no doubt about that. Not sure why but there may have been a finess issue with his foot.

He is a lot closer than you are willing to give him credit for?
How did Murray dominate the first 2 sets of the match against Djokovic? Murray was fighting for his life in that first set, just trying to hold serve. Djokovic was the one applying the pressure.
There's a reason why Slams are best of 5. That's when your fitness and perserverance is tested. Murray better get his feet fixed up.
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