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Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
Now we can all agree that the USO 2012 win was a wind-assisted fluke.
Oh yes, the trophy should be immediately taken from Murray and given to the wind. But what about the money? Does anybody know what bank the wind is in??

Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
Even with a cakewalk draw up until washed out Federer he failed to beat the same player in a HC GS final.
Right, so that means he never will again? But what happens if it gets windy again in Flushing Meadow come next September?

Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
With Federer quickly fading away and Nadal not playing, Murray's only hope is Wimbledon where the field is thin and Djokovic's full-Western forehand grip, awful slice and missing net play set him back.
Set him back? He won the bloody thing back in 2011 didn't he? Oh wait, was there any wind about on that day?

Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."

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