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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
How did Murray dominate the first 2 sets of the match against Djokovic?
Er...well, he won the first set and almost went a break up in the 2nd. So for the best part of those 2 sets, I would say he was the better player.

I could see nothing in Djokovic's play that Murray couldn't and shouldn't have been able to handle. IMO if he had played like he did in his semi against Fed he would have been holding up his 2nd Slam trophy tonight. But he didn't and so he isn't.

Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
There's a reason why Slams are best of 5. That's when your fitness and perserverance is tested. Murray better get his feet fixed up.
Agreed. His fitness was suspect. Strange, considering he's supposed to be one of the fittest guys on tour. Djokovic definitely won the fitness battle out there today.
"I have to apologise because I clearly pushed Roger so hard on Thursday!" (Andy Murray on why Federer couldn't play the WTF final).
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