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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I am a huge Sampras fan but I think both Nadal and Djokovic have a good chance of surpassing Sampras in career greatness. Nadal if he reaches 13 slams or 14 slams has a valid claim as he won on all 3 major surfaces, and many Masters titles on hard courts vs Sampras's ineptitude on clay; and while I believe Sampras is the greatest ever on grass, Nadal on clay he is the greatest player in history on any surface and the undisputed GOAT which Sampras is not on grass with Tilden, Laver, Gonzales, and Federer also contenders. Djokovic has a good chance to be a double digit slam winner who has won multiple slams at all 4 venues, and even could challenge Sampras and his 6 straight year end #1s record.

No matter what happens though I still think Sampras at his best played at the highest level ever seen on all faster courts (grass, carpet, indoor hard, fast hard courts), and until I see a player who changes my mind on that, I will continue to believe that.
Very true..

Sampras at his best was hands down the most deadly fast court player to ever grace tennis.

Nadal doesn't have a YEC though.(Though the YEC has lost some luster and importance since Pete's day IMO), and neither Djoker or Nadal have the time on top that Pete did.

Nadal was #1 for a cup of coffee, and Nole needs some extended time at #1 as well IMO. Both guys got to #1 and didn't hold on to it very long. Pete kept that top #1 slot for 6 straight years. (and had a chance in 1999 and 2000 as well)
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