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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
He was also the #15 seed. Djokovic only started to join the real upper echelon that summer. Anyway Djokovics prime is looking to be 2011-2015 or 2016 (with his peak years being 2011 and one or two years not yet known), so Federer was right in his prime and Djokovic a good 4 years from the start of his, and several months before even being a top 10 player for the first time at the time of that match. Even the 2008 Australian Open was Federer only barely past his **** designated prime, and Djokovic 3 years from the start of his, and Djokovic spanked him good (of course the mono excuse, yada yada).
Djokovic was part of the pack in IW and Miami 2007. Australia was not too far away....that could mean he could play as capable as his summer 2007.

2007 encounter was legit against the last 2 weeks of Peak Federer. Federer destroyed Novak...and would have done the same to today's Novak.
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