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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
If Nadal doesn't return to top form for the French, I'm predicting Nole wins the French pretty easily (no one else can stop Nole there and its clearly his 2nd best surface), Nole will be going for the calendar this year.

Nole can play MUCH better then he did at the USO last year.. He didn't play well at all in the finals and it still went 5 dont forget.

Wimbledon, Murray could nab but I'm not entirely sure Murray is as good there as people think he is. He may be better then Nole on grass. But hes hardly a guarantee to win it there

Murray still also has confidence issues.. He gets down on himself with a few poor points played in a row, then next you thing you know someone like Nole has the clear lead
What about Olderer....he stop peak Novak in 2011.
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