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Very true..

Sampras at his best was hands down the most deadly fast court player to ever grace tennis.

Nadal doesn't have a YEC though.(Though the YEC has lost some luster and importance since Pete's day IMO), and neither Djoker or Nadal have the time on top that Pete did.

Nadal was #1 for a cup of coffee, and Nole needs some extended time at #1 as well IMO. Both guys got to #1 and didn't hold on to it very long. Pete kept that top #1 slot for 6 straight years. (and had a chance in 1999 and 2000 as well)
Good point about Nadals lack of time at #1. I wonder how that will play against his legacy when his career is over. Nadal did spent a good portion of 4 different years ranked #1 though, ended 2 years there, so he isnt totally inept in that regard. He also spent so much time ranked #2 behind Federer and to a lesser extent Djokovic.

It will be interesting to see how Djokovic and his #1 stats wind up. I imagine they will be very impressive, whether they are Federer and Sampras level remain to be seen.

Nadal didnt win the YEC, but Sampras not winning the French is a bigger hole as a slam >> YEC, and who knows Nadal could win a YEC before he retires. Nadal at the YEC even has a better record than Sampras at the French as well. Djokovic should win all the major events in his career.
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